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Katie Welter & Dave Rosenthal — Minted

Katie Welter


Dave Rosenthal

Katie Welter and Dave Rosenthal

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Our Story

On a Thursday night in early February of 2018 Katie and Dave met the old fashion way: at a bar.

Katie had just gotten off a 12 hour nursing shift and was planning on having a nice quiet dinner at Upland with her roommate Lara. As her day was ending texts from Lara came pouring in saying,"pls come to bar review" because "a lot of people are going". Katie agreed and after splitting a delicious duck entrée, Lara and Katie headed to NYU Law's drinks event.

Dave had just spent the day in Philly at the Eagles Super Bowl parade. After catching the last bus back to NY, Dave headed to bar review to catch up with some friends and gloat even more. At bar review fate-- or perhaps Lara and Courtney's harassment of Dave-- brought them together. Dave, with his confidence still soaring high as an Eagle, asked Katie for her number.

On their first date the connection was instantaneous and Katie and Dave bonded over their shared love of yellow labs, their passion for music, and their multiple failed attempts at making recipes from the Zahav cookbook. This led to a second date at the Whitney Museum, to which Katie showed up an hour late... and Dave demonstrated he knows absolutely nothing about art. The two spent the night wandering the West Village and talking for hours. By the end they both felt that this was going to turn into something special. As the days turned to months, their connection grew even deeper and stronger. Dave loved how empathetic and funny Katie was (even though this is the only instance he will admit such in writing), and how she was able to make even the most mundane activities exciting. Katie loved how dorky yet affable Dave was and how little he cared about what others thought of him (even if this meant some of his fashion choices were questionable).

Six years later - they have been by each other's side through graduations and grad schools, pandemics and puppy raising, the West Village to Dumbo, and in June 2024 they will be by each other sides at the altar. They cannot wait to celebrate their special day with the people who mean the most to them.